Sensational Allegation Of Illegal Hiring Of ‘Pharmacist Licence’ By Drug Shops In State


Burdwan: Non of the pharmaceuticals in the state have any permanent pharmacist in their stores. In addition, in the exchange of fat money,license of a pharmacist is illegally hired in more than one shops.This sensational allegation was raised on Sunday at Chemist and Druggiest Welfare Association of Trinamool Congress-led new organization’s district convention.

According to the officials of the Association, according to the Drug and Cosmetic Act,each drug store must have only one permanent pharmacists and assisted pharmacists. But most of the drug store in the state doesn’t follow this rule. This pharmaceutical stores doesn’t have permanent pharmacists, in addition to this some pharmacist’s license are illegally hired in more than one shops, in exchange of huge amount.

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The chemists are also forced to accept this condition for business needs. But, according to the government rule, it is mandatory for a chemist to have a pharmacist licensed. Only after getting convinced that the pharmacist will be all time in the store, a chemist gets a license to sell drug.

As per reports, there are nearly four thousand chemist shops in East Burdwan district, but there are only a thousand pharmacists in this region of West Bengal. As a result, most of the drug shops are running without pharmacists.

In the last 25 years, there was only a single organization for retail and wholesale drug vendors that was operational in the whole state. Recently,a new association for drugs has been led by TMC – Chemist and Druggiest Welfare Association of Trinamool Congress. On Sunday a district convention was held in Burdwan.Many leader like TMC MP Mamtaj Sanghamita of Burdwan-Durgapur constituency, councilors from Burdwan Khokan Das, Shahabuddin Khan, Pradip Rahman, District President of the TMC Laxminarayan Konar, Convenor Tuhin Shuvro De, Rupak Sarkar, Baidyanath Kongar, State leader Subrata Majumdar and others were present at the convention.

In the inauguration ceremony of the convention meet, MP and renowned Gynecologist Mamtaj Sanghamita said that there is a drug store in front of every hospital. But if all medicines are available in the hospital, then there would be no need for that drug store.
He said that, Nowadays, the chemists often gives unnecessary medicines to the buyers. He also advised not to give medicines without any prescription. On the issue of lack of pharmacists in the district, the MP said that he will request the state government to built a college for pharmacy course. At the same time, he also wished this new organization to flourish. He further admitted that, many pharmacists earns huge amount by lending their pharmacist license to more than one stores, their are also some physicians who follows the same. On this day, he asked the new organization to appeal state government for the permission of making life saving drugs.

Reported By: Sanjay Karmakar

Edited By: Mousumi Das