Senior Taliban Leader Arrested In Karachi


Lahore: Pakistan’s Sindh Rangers Chief Major Gen Bilal Akbar disclosed on Friday about the arrest of a senior Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader in a raid by the paramilitary force. According to the Dawn, his announcement was made to establish his claim about the success by the paramilitary forces in restoring peace to some extent in Karachi, however, he rejected the idea of direct role in governance, saying ‘it’s not our job’.

“We are here with a purpose. Our job is to provide security and enforce law. Governance is not our job,” he said. The Rangers Chief stressed on the role of his force, the “successful results” achieved and challenges of the Karachi operation. “Even political parties have recognised the fact that the ratio of crime in Karachi has gone incredibly down due to this operation. We have busted criminal gangs and arrested a number of assassins and dozens of militants during the operation which led to peace in the city. Only recently we have arrested a key leader of Taliban who was operating under three fake identities. His arrest is a big achievement and it suggests our strong ground intelligence and operational capability,” the Rangers Chief was quoted as saying.

The Rangers DG shared two names – Dawood Mehsood and Bilal Mehsood – of the Taliban leader who had multiple identities to deceive law enforcement and intelligence agencies.