Senior Citizen Cheated Rs 4000 By Trickster


Kolkata: A young man cheated an old woman and robbed Rs 4 thousands from her. Papia Bandyopadhyay was cheated by the words of fraudsters. The incident happened at Laboni in Salt Lake Thursday afternoon.

Police sources said, on Thursday afternoon a young man entered Papia’s residence. They went to the flat and said, Big Bazar gives you at Puja offer. New things instead of old things. You do not have to go to the big Bazar for that.

The old man caught in the trap of the accused youth. At that time, Papia Bandyopadhyay was the only one on the flat. If you give some money with the old shirt pants then we will give new things, said fraudsters. For that they asked to pay 3 thousand six hundred rupees. The elderly then gave four thousand rupees to the accused youth. In return, he also gave a false receipt to him.

Papya Devi was so fascinated by the word of the cheater that she gave an umbrella to save the youth from the rain.

The deceased elder Papia Bandyopadhyay complained that they did not come with new garments after many hours are over. Then Papia devi called Big Bazar and asked them. Big Bazar denied this allegations and said they did not give such offer. Papia devi then go the police station and lodged complain. The investigation started on the basis of the complaint.