Senior al-Qaeda leader killed in Northern Syria


Washington: A US-led coalition air strike has killed a senior al-Qaeda leader in northern Syria who has been accused of plotting attacks against America and its allies, the Pentagon has said.”Muhsin al-Fadhli, a longtime al-Qaeda operative, was killed in a kinetic strike on July 8 while traveling in a vehicle near Sarmada, Syria,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said. Fadhli was the leader of Al-Qaeda’s Khorasan Group which was plotting attacks against the United States and its allies, he said.

Davis said Fadhli was an al-Qaeda facilitator, who had advanced information on the September 11 attacks. Fadhli was also involved in terrorist attacks that took place in October 2002, including against US Marines on Faylaka Island in Kuwait and on the French ship MV Limburg.”His death will degrade and disrupt ongoing external operations of al-Qaeda against the United States and our allies and partners,” Davis said. The US State Department had posted a USD 7 million reward for information leading to Fadhli’s death or detention.