Send Bikini Babes To Every Bank: Ram Gopal prescribed Mallya


Mumbai: Film maker Ram Gopal Verma, gave Mallya a solution to his problem and we are far from happy with what he said. Verma, who is known for nasty Twitter rants, went on another one recently and this time, it was to target Vijay Mallya and prominent Bollywood divas at the same time.

Verma suggested that Mallya ‘give one bikini beauty each to every bank’ that he owes money to, in order to pay off his debts. He further ridiculed bankers by saying, “The banks might not agree to Vijay Mallya’s bikini proposal but the bankers might.” Just when you thought he was done, his mockery reached a new low and became downright derogatory and demeaning to models who participated in his Kingfisher calendars and over the years , some of who became successful actors in Bollywood.

Verma said, “If the money he borrowed is what created properties of his bikini clad girls,wouldn’t they be enough payback for the bankers? Just asking”, adding in the next tweet, “And am sure that the bikini beauties of Vijay Mallya were a huge part of the security for the banks and hence the bankers can’t complain.” He even named some of the model-turned-actors like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif etc, in the next tweet, with his comments being plain degrading to them.

He ended the rant by saying, “It seems Vijay Mallya knows how to show the glitter of gold and draw diamonds from bankers. So it’s not the banks but it’s the bankers.”

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