Semen-Filled Balloons Thrown At Delhi University Student

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New Delhi: Delhi Police has initiated a probe after a girl from Northeast India on her Instagram wrote her ordeal on how a ‘semen-filled balloon’ was thrown at her while she was on her way to hostel.

“We have learnt about the incident. We are trying to contact the victim so that we could initiate our investigation further,” said a senior IPS officer. He added the victim has not lodged a complaint yet in connection to the ‘semen-balloon’ attack.

The victim, who is a student of Delhi University, wrote that while she was returning to hostel by a rickshaw, a group of boys was throwing balloons at passeby’s Amar Colony Market.

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“A liquid-filled balloon came hitting me in the hip where it burst open, its content seeping my dress. It dried white on my black leggings.. Only when I returned to my hostel to hear another friend on mine talking about the semen-firing,” the victim wrote.