Selfie Ban In Tarapith Temple

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Suri: The management committee of Tarapith temple of Birbhum district in West Bengal have decided to put a ban on selfie inside the temple premises from Saturday, 8th September.Devotees around the state come here to worship but some of them make the place crowded by occupying the place in clicking selfies. As a result,the selfie craze in them spoils there religious purpose making the place crowded, it also troubles other pilgrims as well.

Earlier the authority had tried to ban and they verbally told the visiters to not to click any selfie inside the premises of the temple but all went in deaf ears. So the authority has decided to put a ban on it forever now.

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Temple authority believes taking a snap with an idol in temple are being uploaded in social media. The sanctity of the temple is ruined. Earlier, the ban was not done even though the ban was denied.Taramay Mukherjee, president of Tarapith temple committee, said, “Despite our announcement, devotees clicks selfies with the shrine. Which is very disappointing. The sacredness of the temple is getting spoiled with this kinda of activities.It also raises question on the security system of the temple. Breaches in security arrangement in the temple is observed due to this. ”

The temple committee is going to take stern steps after taking a stock of the details. Ahead of ‘Kaushiki Amavashya’, a meeting was held among the committee members. Finally, it has been decided that no more selfie will be allowed inside the temple premises. Even the devotees cannot touch the shrine of ‘Tara Maa’ from now onward. The temple committee is trying to implement these regulations soon.