Self-Defence Training For Adolescent Girls In Bengal

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Barasat: With the atrocities against women on the rise across the nation, violence against women has become a prominent topic of discussion in India in recent years. Media have placed great focus in the issue due to continuously increasing atrocity against women.Violence against women both inside and outside of their home has been a crucial issue in the contemporary Indian society. Hence, the Ashoknagar SFI local committee has started imparting self-defence training to adolescent girls especially the school goers.

The committee has decided to start one-month free martial arts training course for schoolgirls. However, while making this decision, they did not even expect that they will get such huge response. After it’s inauguration on August 15th, more than 100 names have been registered. Their success is being watched by the whole of Bengal.The SFI regional committees of other districts have also expressed their interest to organize training sessions like this in their districts too and for this purpose they have approached the Ashoknagar SFI committee.

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The martial arts training session takes place in a local club of the area named Shakti Sangha club.The training sessions are held twice in a week.This training session has put a positive impact on the other girl students of the area, hence, more girl students are enthusiastically coming forward to seek the martial arts training in their area.

An organiser of this program, Akash Kar said, “Although the training session of martial arts have been started,but we are also allowing interested candidates for attending the session. Because this program is designed to create awareness. As many as girls will participate in this program it will be possible for them to ensure safety.”

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Prior to this training session, organizers had visited 17 co-ed and girls schools.Trainers also visited every schools with the organisers and gave live demo of martial arts.

Presently, 117 students are taking training. Apart from this, more students have shown interests to learn the martial arts. After a month’s training the trainers feel that, these students will be able to defend themselves at any unpleasant situation.

The CPM women’s organization of Bengal has always claimed that atrocity against women are increasing in the state. Therefore, the SFI regional committee of Ashoknagar has chosen the way to increase the awareness in people on this issue and make the girls self-reliable to defend themselves from any violence.

Reported By: Soyeta Bhattacharya

Edited By: Mousumi Das