Seek permission before getting pregnant: Chinese firm


Beijing: In a bizarre incident and decision, a Chinese company has revealed plans to fine women who dare have children without their permission. A representative of the company said leadership would reconsider the policy if most people disagreed with it, since it was just a draft.
Based in Henan Province, the bank also demands that women must stick to the birth plan that they have been given once it is approved.

In response to the controversy that erupted after the message was posted online, one company official told local media that the credit cooperative had recently taken on many young female staff, and “if all of them simultaneously get pregnant, work would be disrupted, which has happened before”, the Global Times said.

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Violators will not be considered for promotion or awards and their incentives and year-end bonuses will be cancelled “if their pregnancy severely hindered their work”, the policy said.

However, a company representative defended the action, saying that the proposal was only a draft that had been sent out to employees for feedback. And similar directives are nothing new to women in China – where the country’s family-planning policies have not only limited many families each to a single child in recent decades, but also require women to be 20 before they are formally allowed to marry and have children.