Seeing This You Will Have Fear For Poor Corgi’s Life


Skydiving is probably one of the top ten scariest things humans can voluntarily do, so why on earth would anyone subject a poor dog to the same fate? That’s what the internet was wondering when they saw this picture, which makes it look like a corgi is about to get launched into the sky.

If you’re casually scrolling through your timeline and see this, you probably have to do a double take because seriously, what is happening here?

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Have no fear, because if you watch the original video, posted by @KarmaTheeCorgi on Instagram, it turns out the corgi is actually just about to get launched into… a pile of snow. Please, see for yourself:

Spring break ??

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For a second your heart stopped a little bit, right? Did you scream “WAIT NO” at your phone just now? Same, because it really looks like this dog is about to get thrown to his death.

This was from fall but the amount of excitement I have for all my new followers is the same!

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Don’t worry, all is well in corgi-land, and Karma finishes the video by frolicking in the snow like the best doggos do. If you want more proof, here’s another video of Karma post-plane incident, runnin’ around, totally unharmed.

Here’s Karma, chillin’ with some Christmas lights, looking majestic AF. Totally okay! Not a scratch! Glad you’re okay, Karma! Don’t jump out of a plane anytime soon!