Security Beefed Up For Red Road Durga Puja Carnival


Kolkata: Durga Puja has concluded but the last chance to witness the best idols of Kolkata is knocking the door. Nobody wants to miss the chance to be apart of this extravangant and exotic carnival of the City of Joy. Last minute preparations are on full swing for Red Road Durga Puja Carnival.

The third year red Road Durga Puja Carnival will showcase the idea of seventy five puja committees. Large number of puja committees will be participating at the programme. Kolkata people are excited too on this.

The type of Durga puja has changed so the celebration too changed its modes. The initiative of West Bengal government has grabbed attention of the Kolkata residents and engaged people in an exotic manner.

The last minute prep is going in high pace. ISKON people caught in rehearsing in Salt Lake stadium. At least two thousand people will be sitting to witness the programme. A group of foreign delegates and special guests will also be present in the programme. Security has been beefed up prioring to the grand celebration. Two thousands police will deployed on this purpose. Six watch towers will be active for subtle surveillance. Entire area will be covered with CCTV. Drone will be on service on security purpose.

Lalbazar traffic control will take control from Tuesday morning. Casurina Road, Hospital Road and parts of Mayo Road will be closed due to the programme. Ninety police personel will be on duty in and around the main stage. Apart from this, STF people will also be there to surpervise the situation.

This year it will take place on October 23, Tuesday. The last minute preparation is going in Red Road. Kolkata is gearing up on this occasion forgetting that the Durga Puja is over. The main stage has already grabbed the attention which has been made in Rajbari style. One thousands and five hundred people will be sited in the programme.

Special light installations and a separate gallery for foreign delegates are included in the arrangements. Apart for the chief minister, many eminent personalities are expected to attend. Seventy five Durga idol will participate in the grand rally.

The carnival is a brainchild of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee which received immense popularity. The puja organisors taking preparation and putting the best effort to decorate and illuminate their cars. The rehearsals are going fast.

The security has been tightened focusing the occasion. The red road carnival will continue the Durga Puja hangover among the party lovers which will extend a day of celebration.