Security Arrangement During Bengal Rural Polls Still Remains Unclear


Kolkata: The State Election Commission directed the state police to bring “Forces”from other state.On Monday, DG of State Police Surajit Kar Purkayastha, Home Secretary Atri Bhattacharya and ADG Law & Order attended the meeting with STate Election Commissioner Amarinder Kumar Singh.

As per sources, on this day SEC said DG “The number Forces in State is limited compared to the polling booths, so bring Forces form outside the State.”After this meeting experts believe that the clouds of confusion is not yet cleared regarding the security during the panchayat polls.

Meanwhile, the West Bengal government has already sent letters to other five states asking for the Forces.These five states are Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab and Assam.Among these five state only Assam is under BJP rule and rest of the other states are non-BJP rule.

In this meeting the statements of the opposition parties were presented before the state administrative officials by SEC.Questions were raised regarding the security during the rural polls. Beside this a report has been submitted to the Election Commission on behalf of State.But sources says this report is incomplete, also the booth-based format of police is yet not clear.

Even the civil volunteers’s duty during the rural polls is not clear. Several analysis are under process related to the booths were no polling will take place. A report based on this analysis will be presented in Calcutta High Court.However, on this day the DG said that two armed police will be deployed in every polling stations.

DG has asked EC for a clear calculation of the number of total pollins station were the votes will be casted. According to sources, the polling will be held in 47,467 booths.As the ruling party has already won some seats uncontested.As per Nabanna sources, it is said that SEC’s report will decide the arrangement of the security during rural polls.