Section 324 Used To Give Advantage To BJP-TMC: Surya Kanta Mishra


Kolkata: Lashing out at the Election Commission, the West Bengal CPIM State Secretary Surya Kanta Mishra said that the use of section 324 by the Election Commission was to give advantage to both the TMC and BJP parties.

Mishra said, “The EC has suddenly reduced the timing of campaign for the seventh phase of the WB polls and have instructed to end it by 16th night. This was done in such a way so that the scheduled road shows or meetings of the Prime Minister or the chief minister are not hampered.”

Mishra also added that this decision would hamper the scheduled programmes and meetings of the other political parties. “The reasons shown behind this decision, maybe considered right initially but raises doubt on the role of the Commission. A violent situation is being created in the state and it is being said that the instructions of the Commission is being followed by the state administration. But this is not enough. Many important instructions of the EC have not been followed and have been ignored,” he said.

The CPIM party believes that the Commission has been inactive since the beginning and did not take steps to apply their own rules. Due to this mentality of the commission, the citizens of the state are casting their votes amid fear and harassment, believes the party.

Mishra said, “There are enough reasons to believe that the explanation that the EC gave over the chaos in Kolkata was the result of the pressure from BJP. During the time of vote, the state police is supposed to work under the control of the Commission.”

Surya Kanta Misra also said that the responsibility of this incident should be taken by the Commission too.

The CPIM believes that nothing will happen by just announcing rules, but they will have to take strict measures unbiased to assure free and fair voting in the state. Surya Kanta Mishra has urged the CPIM and Left cadres that in cases of incidents or rules being broken, it must be reported to the Commission immediately. They will also have to ensure that the voters can exercise their franchise without any fear.