SEC Likely To Conduct Vote In Ramzan Month


Kolkata: West Bengal Panchayat Election is getting topsy-turvy with growing time. Source said, the second phase schedule may come with two-tier process on Panchayat election. The previous schedule has been cancelled after the verdict of Calcutta high Court. The schedule for three-tier election were 1st May, 3rd May, 5th May. The result was supposed to out on 8th May.

The oppositions have urged to Calcutta High Court pointing to the imbalances of nomination filing. The legal fight gave the victory to the oppositions and extended another day for filing nomination. Automatically the election has been postponed.

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The second phase of filing nomination has been started from 11 am on Monday will run till 3 pm. The entire schedule of election will be fixed on Monday afternoon. it will likely to take place on 15th-17th of the next month. The result will come out at 20th May.

West Bengal State Government wanted to wrap the entire process with a day. But Election Commission somehow able to convince for a two day election. State employees took the talk as decision and started the preparation. Though it is not yet final.