SEC Is Under Serious Threat: Rahul Sinha


Kolkata: BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha on Sunday alleged that the State Election Commissioner (SEC) has been subjected to threats by the ruling party on panchayat polls.

“The SEC A K Singh had even told a BJP delegation that his mobile phone is tapped and the land line calls are recorded,” Sinha told a press conference here.

The former party president of West bengal Unit said, ” The entire state is looking at the High Court. The Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee had said that it was the duty of the SEC to ensure security during the panchayat elections. But who will ensure the security of the SEC who is under serious threat”.

On deployment of central forces in the state, Sinha said, ” Even if the forces were requisitioned they would be confined to camps and not be deployed. For this reason we call for holding of panchayat poll under the supervision of the judiciary.”

He said, ” BJP will be gainer in a one-day poll as TMC won’t be able to carry musclemen from one part to another on a single date, but the need of the hour is to uphold the spirit of democracy.”