Seagull Turns Orange After Falling Into Indian Curry

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Cardiff: A seagull has been nicknamed Gullfrazie after falling into a vat of curry – chicken tikka masala to be precise – and coming out bright orange.

The bird took a tumble while trying to pinch some meat from the bin of a food factory in Wales. Rescuers pulled him out and delivered him to Tewkesbury’s Vale Wildlife Hospital.

“He was bright orange,” said veterinary nurse Lucy Kells. “We have had wildlife covered in cooking fat and glue, but we have never had one covered in curry before.”

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Ms Kells told Wales Online that Gullfrazie would have drowned in curry sauce if someone hadn’t helped him escape – and he wasn’t able to clean himself as the sauce was so thick.

However, staff at the Wildlife Hospital managed to get him looking back to normal fairly quickly: “He was easy to clean because he had not been in there long so the turmeric had not had time to stain the feathers too badly,” said Ms Kells.

Describing Gullfrazie’s visit as “the weirdest thing we have dealt with here,” Ms Kells also said that the smell the bird gave off made “everyone’s belly rumble.” The bird will be kept at the Vale Wildlife Hospital until his feathers have recovered their natural oils and he’s able to fly again.