Scuffle Between Police & Bandh Supporters At Jadavpur


Kolkata: A minor scuffle broke out between the police and the bandh supporters on Friday at Jadavpur.

Two different pictures were visible at Jadavpur today. On one hand, the CPM supporters had staged a protest at the Jadavpur’s 8B bus stand in support of the nationwide strike called by 10 central trade unions; while on the other hand, the TMC workers were rejoicing their Singur victory. CPM MLA Sujan Chakrabarty took to road along with other supporters to support the strike. The TMC workers sat to celebrate their victory.

A huge police force under the OC of Jadavpur arrived at the area to avert any sort of clash between both the parties. The CPM workers’ sloganeering were completely immersed by the loud music by TMC workers celebrating their Singur victory under the leadership of the Councillor of Ward number 96 Debabrata Majumder (Malay). This made Sujan furious, and they started protesting. The huge police force failed to pacify the angry protesters. The protesters alleged that the TMC workers were intentionally playing their microphones at large volumes. They even accused the police of aiding Debabrata and his aides, due to which they were courageous enough to play mics in large volume. They , then got engaged , in a scuffle with the police, while trying to protest.

Apart from MLA Sujan Charabarty, Ritabrata Bandhopadhyay and students’ leader Satarup Ghosh were also present.