Scottish Pensioner Grows 5ft Cabbage

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Edinburgh: Cabbage is rarely a reason for anybody’s delight, but green-fingered Bryan Calder with his 5-foot large leafy phenomenon would beg to differ.

The 72-year-old retired lorry driver grew the cabbage from seed in his allotment in Forfar, Angus, and it ended up being 50 times larger than normal.

According to The Daily Mail, Calder who has been farming for over 50 years has never seen a cabbage of this size. He went on to add, “It needed no special treatment, fertiliser or pampering. But since planting in April it has grown and grown. The whole town and his wife have come to see it.”

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The vegetable is so large that it needs to be taken around in a wheelbarrow, and Calder will soon be showing off the vegetable of his labour at the local farm fair.

Calder added to the Daily Mail, “It’ll be a two-man job when I show it along with the other produce in the town.”

Such absurdly big crops are the result of the hot and wet summer in Scotland where temperatures rose by 0.41 degree Celsius above average.