Scottish Church issues dress codes, bans mini skirt


Kolkata: Dress codes have been enforced upon the students of Scottish Church College of Kolkata with the college authorities strictly instructing the students not to wear tee shirts with writingxs, Half sleeve shirts and skirts above the knee level.

Apart from that round collar tee shirts have also been banned inside the college campus. No jewellery can be wore inside the college campus and Salwar and sarees have to be own in proper format. The female students will not be allowed to come to college wearing Jeans, half pant or Capries.

The college authorities have informed that the steps have been taken to maintain the proper environment of studies inside the college and disciplinary action will be taken against the students who will not abide by the rules.

Disgust has spread among the students of the college over the directive. They are of the opinion that in modern times the directive cannot be expected. They are unwilling to accept the decision of the college authorities.