Scientists create human brain in Laboratory


Washington: Medical research throughout the globe took a huge leap after scientists succeeded in making an artificial brain in a Laboratory. The brain has been created in an entirely artificial way and the scientists have claimed that 99 percent of the neurons of the brain have been created inside the laboratory and has been made the scientists of America’s Ohio State University.

The artificial brain is very small in size and looks like a eraser in a pencil box. It resembles the brain of a five week old embryo. The scientists have claimed that the study of diseases like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Autism will be much more easier with the inventions and their cure will also be available.

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The scientists who created the artificial brain said, “We have tried to find the cure of various complex diseases since long. We have been able to develop the brain as a result of the search. We hope that this will help us to reach our goal and find cure to other diseases.”brain

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