Science City to Come Up With a Science Exploration Hall


Kolkata: To meet the changing needs of the visitors and providing the right blend of edutainment Science City keeps on upgrading its infrastructure and is setting up a Science Exploration Hall which will have 3D models based on the evolution of life, a panoramic presentation of human evolution and a section on Indian Science and technology heritage.

The upcoming 5500 sq. meter Science Exploration Hall will feature emerging areas of science & technology and its heritage in India. The facilities in the new three storied building shall comprise expositions on the following themes – Evolution of Life, Digital Panorama on Human Evolution, Science and Technology Heritage of India, Cutting edge science and technology India.

Evolution of Life- The hall on Evolution of Life shall deal with the formation of Earth, origin of life and its evolution till the advent of mammals. This exposition shall be divided into 8 sections and each section shall depict the evolutionary changes. This hall will show through multimedia shows, animated models and audio-visuals the story of evolution of life from primordial soup in the beginning to early chemicals, first microorganisms, multi cellular organisms, invertebrates, fishes, reptiles of prehistoric period, dinosaurs, mammals and flowering plants and ice age mammals.

Digital Panorama on Human Evolution- The Human story shall be depicted in a 360 degree Panorama with 11 meter high visuals and digital presentations. The whole story is narrated with the help of high resolution visuals which are being specially created by highly experienced artists, and dynamic show created digitally. Along with these visuals, there shall be 3-D life-size models in the foreground to supplement the story on human evolution. Supplementary information shall be provided through interactive computer kiosks and other state-of-the-art communication tools.

Science and Technology Heritage of India-This section shall showcase India’s strong science and technology heritage and her contributions to the fields of agriculture, architecture, medicine, metallurgy, astronomy, mathematics, perfumery, ship building, water power etc.

Cutting edge science and technology-Cutting–edge science and technology shall showcase new knowledge in the field of space science, nuclear science, medicine, agriculture, robotics, information and communication technology etc.

“The visitors can learn the basics of evolution, as well as about scientific and technological developments of the country, in a fun and interactive way. It will engage, motivate, enthuse and provide participatory experience which will attract a large number of visitors, both from the country and abroad,” said A.D. Choudhury, the director of Science City.

The exhibits will be well supported by special effects, simulations, voice over and technologically advanced 3D models which would leave the visitors thrilled. Curator S. Jeelani said: “The exhibits will be designed so that a visitor can have a comprehensive idea of the development of the human race through various stages.”  Science City works under the aegis of National Council of Science Museums, the apex body of science museums and centres in India.