Schoolgirl kills 2 year old to avenge her insult


New Delhi: A two year baby girl was murdered by a teenage girl of 15 years old who put her body in her school bag and dumped it off near a lake after murdering her.

The gruesome incident occurred in the heart of the national capital on 10 June. The baby was murdered by the girl to avenge the insult inflicted upon her by the baby’s mother a few days back before the incident. the body was found three days after the incident when the girl sent her younger brother of 10 years old to the spot on a vague pretext.

Nobody had any clue about the crime committed by the girl who left the town on 13 June to attend a family function. When she returned, she was questioned by the police in the presence of woman cops and NGO officials which brought out the actual story behind the murder.

It was revealed that she had murdered the baby to avenge the insult made on her publicly by the baby’s mother. Police and neighbours who came up to her house that afternoon had returned satisfied with her word. Initially, a midwife whom the baby’s mother had not paid was considered a suspect, but no evidence was found against her.