Schoolboy Died While He Imitates Daredevil Fire Breathing Act


Hyderabad: An 11-year-old boy in Telangana died today of severe burns after trying to imitate a reality show stunt.

Rapalle Kali Vishwanath was a Class 6 student.

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Three days ago, he had watched a fire act on TV late at night and tried to mimic it. His experiment went horribly wrong.

He poured kerosene into his mouth, intending to blow out fumes, light a flame and spew balls of fire like circus performers. Instead, his body got badly burnt.

He was taken to a private hospital and then shifted to Hyderabad for emergency treatment. He died this morning.

Rapalle studied at a boarding school and was spending a holiday with his grandmother.

His family said he was a brilliant student and always curious.

When he saw stunts on TV, he often tried to replicate them when no one was at home.

Four months ago, another sixth class child had died in a similar manner in Karimnagar, trying to imitate the same act.