School buses to be brought under CCTV coverage


Kolkata: The incidents of molestation of girl students, assault on them and instances of kidnap from school bus is not new. Also instances like an accident may also occur. The students also fight among themselves in the school bus and get injured. The parents are never at ease while it comes to the safety of their wards while in school bus.

To give some relief to the parents as well as the school authorities regarding the safety of the students, a new technique will be introduced in the city called In this procedure the school buses will be equipped with cameras along with video recording. The school authorities will be able to see the happenings inside the bus from the school.

The parents will also be able to see the footage. The recordings will be stored for one month. The guardians will be informed about their boarding of the bus and reaching their homes through sms. The organization thinks that this will help keeping proof of any crime or accidents happening inside the bus. The technology is being used in some schools of Delhi. The organization has claimed that some schools of the city have also shown interest in the project.

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