UP School Bars Muslim Girl From Wearing Headscarf


Lucknow: A school in Barabanki has barred Muslim students from wearing headscarves to class, citing that they do not go with the dress code of the school. The incident is being reported a day after three Muslim clerics was allegedly beaten up by unidentified persons in a moving train, for wearing scarfs.

The ‘maulvis’, who boarded a passenger train at Delhi on Wednesday night, were on their way to their village in Baghpat when they had a tiff with some youth who allegedly beat them up.

Another shocker was reported from the state governed by the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government. A principal of a missionary school here today asked a Muslim student to remove her headscarf or take admission in an Islamic institution.

The incident was reported from Anand Bhavan School in Nagar Kotwali area, prompting the local authorities to order a probe into the matter. “We got a complaint and we have asked the block education officer to conduct a probe. The school has been served with a notice, but it has not replied to it so far,” Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) P N Singh said.

“We have also asked the officer to visit the school and make an on-the-spot inquiry,” he said. The student’s father Mohammad R Rizvi alleged that he had approached the school principal, Archana Thomas, with a written request to allow his daughter to wear the religious headscarf.

But the principal asked him to get his daughter admitted to an Islamic school if he could not abide by rules laid down by the school.