‘SCAM’ Is For Samajwadi, Congress, Akhilesh, Mayawati: Modi In Meerut


Meerut: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kick-started his Uttar Pradesh election campaign and addressed a rally in Meerut. The BJP hopes to repeat its 2014 Lok Sabha performance, riding on the Modi wave which got them 72 of the state’s 80 seats.

Its contest in the assembly elections beginning on February 11 is against the Samajwadi Party led by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in alliance with the Congress spearheaded by Rahul Gandhi.

The young duo has been campaigning aggressively in the state and was recently seen together at a ‘rath yatra’ in Lucknow. The BJP has not yet declared its chief ministerial candidate. It is relying on its star campaigner PM Modi and the anti-incumbency. It also hopes to gain from the infighting in Samajwadi’s first family which saw Akhilesh Yadav take party control from his father and SP patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav in a bitter takeover.

I am fortunate to have stepped on the holy land of Meerut. The 1857 independence struggle began in Meerut. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to kick start my UP campaign from Meerut. That time the fight to remove British, this time its fight to remove poverty. The fight this time is against Mafia, the goons and the ones raping our sisters and mothers.

Uttar Pradesh has pure food; our hard working farmers and people with a strong will. But we can’t let UP be how it has been for years. What is the reason UP youngsters had to leave their family and friends and live in slums in cities.

Uttar Pradesh made me the Prime Minister. It has been 2.5 years. Is there at blot on Modi’s name? Have I done anything that has harmed the nation, lowered its reputation? UP gave me love and I have taken India’s reputation to new heights. But I still have to pay UP’s debt
In UP, no matter how much good I want to do, but the good that I sent from Delhi will get stuck in Lucknow.

Till the time we don’t send these people home, what I am sending from Delhi will not reach you. Meerut is that land of freedom fighters. The people here, the sportsmen, give their lives to promote the name of their country.

Meerut gives the power to the rest of the country to fight. But what condition is Meerut in? What is the reason of these daily murders, innocent traders are being killed?
But this is not just Meerut. In UP, there’s no case against murderers. Do you want to save UP? The respect of sisters and mothers?

See how the Congress were taking out rath yatras and abused SP. They used to say SP has destroyed the state. What happened overnight that you (Congress) are now hand-in-hand with SP? I have seen many political alliances. The parties who used to look for excuses to abuse each other.

They are now hugged tight saying, ‘save me’, ‘save me’. The people who can’t save themselves, how will they save UP? Do these people care about UP’s future? This UP election is BJP’s fight against scams. By scam I mean, S- Samajwadi (Party) , C – Congress, A- Akhilesh (Yadav), M – Mayawati.

UP, do you want SCAM or BJP? SCAM or UP’s progress? BJP’s fight is against SCAM. Till the time you don’t vote SCAM out, UP will not see good days.

I want to ask SP leaders, and the people in alliance with them and I want to say this to people of UP – No matter how much I try to help UP from Delhi, but if the UP government does not have the will, the money will either be siphoned off or will be wasted lying dormant.

These people don’t want to help UP, they just want to save their government. SP leaders were saying these people are khanan mafia, goons. So why is the SP forced to give these people tickets?

To ensure that people get aid in sickness, the Centre gave 4,000 crore to UP government. It saddens me to tell you that in 2014-2015, they were not even able to spend it all, and they could not even give a count of the money they spent.

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