SC To Decide Fate Of WB Panchayat Poll On Monday


Kolkata: It’s The Final Countdown of West Bengal Panchayat Election 2018. The most game changing venture for ongoing politics. Hopefully the most awaited verdict is yet to come for West Bengal as the Supreme Court of India will sit for the hearing on Panchayat case on Monday.

The Appex court judge Dipak Mishra’s three members bench will organise the hearing on August 6, Monday. Everybody is keen to know the final words of Appex court.

In the last hearing the court informed that the stay order will continue for those have got uncontested win. But where the election process completely those centres are not included in this. So, court will verdict 34.2 percent peoples’ fate on Monday.

The total number of the seats are 58,692 in the panchayat election, combining Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samity and Zilla Parishad. In 20, 159 seats candidates got uncontested win. The Appex court wondered such result in an election like panchayat. It has received massive criticism from every sector related to this.

Today Election Commission will submit some documents related to Panchayat election. For the last time stake holders in panchayat will get the chance to place their opinion in favour of their statements. If everything goes right Supreme Court will announce the final verdict on panchayat election.

There were bulk of stamped ballot recovered during the election. Re-polling of the re-polling, vote rigging, new rise and most importantly series of violence and intolerance have been reported in the whole panchayat tenure.

Presiding officer Rajkumar Roy lost his life mysteriously in Raiganj. So many places have witnessed clash, people lost their life deliberately.

Violence, deprivation of democratic rights and other unethical incidents were in the headline throughout the election from its preparation time.

So the flip-flop condition is continuing from the time of filing nominations. Intolerance and the power-game came in existence after the announcement of the panchayat election schedule.

The Supreme Court of India announced the adjournment on Panchayat election case on July 4, 2018, adding the hearing date on August 6 after listening to the entire matter.

The wondering state is continuing  and the time has arrived when the fate of West Bengal and the declared result of it and contribution of the stakeholders will come to a conclusion.

Many equation may change with the verdict of Supreme Court where the ruling party will face a comeback challenge from its immediate oppositions. The most significant risers were the Independents candidates in this election who scratched a massive win after the result.

Now its a wait of hours to see the implementations of changed strategies of the parties. It will partly decide the strategy, position for Lok Sabha 2019.