SC Cleared Make-In-India Venue


New Delhi: Mumbai’s famous Chowpatty Beach can be used by the state government to host a huge Make India event next week, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday. The Make-in-India event, designed to pitch Mumbai as a cultural and financial powerhouse, is to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 13th.

The Bombay High Court had recently said the event could not be held on the beach, partly for environmental reasons. The Supreme Court has over-ruled that decision today.

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The state government of Devendra Fadnavis had argued that leaders from 56 countries and 10,000 delegates will attend the meet, and that precautions will be taken to ensure no ecological damage is caused. As an example, it promised all construction for the event will be temporary.

Famous Bollywood art director Nitin Desai has been assigned as a sort of Creative Director for the meet- he has promised a lavish fireworks display and laser show.