Save my son:Japanese hostage’s mother’s plea to PM


Tokyo: The mother of the Japanese journalist hostage has appealed to Japan’s PM Shizo Abe, for urgent efforts for safe release of her son.

In a letter written to Abe, Kenji Goto Jogo’s mother Junko Ishido has urged the PM to negotiate with the Jordanian government to secure her son’s release from ISIS claws.

“Please save Kenji’s life. I call on you to work with all your strength in negotiations with the Jordanian government,” Goto’s mother wrote in her letter.

“His remaining time is very short … I beg you to do everything in your power,” Ishido added further saying that her son was not an enemy of Islam.Having beheaded one of the Japanese hostages, the Islamic State yesterday released a new video threatening to kill the surviving captive Kenji Goto Jogo and a Jordanian pilot within 24 hours if a female Iraqi bomber was not freed.