Saudi Arabia Arrests 400 ISIS


Riyadh: In a massive crackdown on dreaded outfit ISIS, Saudi Arabian security forces arrested over 430 supporters and suspected members of the outfit. The arrests were made to contain regular attacks on Shite mosques and diplomatic mission.

The global jihadi group has claimed several deadly attacks on shite mosques in the Sunni dominated nation. Authorities have “managed over the past few weeks to destroy an organisation, made of a cluster of cells, which is linked to the terrorist Daesh organisation,” the interior ministry announced, using the Arabic acronym for IS.

The alleged members were engaged in a “plot managed from areas of unrest abroad, with the aim of sowing sectarian sedition and spreading chaos”, the ministry said. The cells were involved in several attacks and plots, including deadly suicide bombings of Shiite mosques in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, it said.

The ministry said 37 people were killed during the arrests, including security personnel and civilians, and 120 were wounded. Six “terrorists” were also killed in the operations.