Saturn’s F ring and satellite reveled


Tokyo: Japanese researchers have revealed that the Saturn’s F ring and satellites are the natural outcome of the formation of Saturn’s satellite system. According to the latest satellite formation theory that the Saturn used to have many more particles than they do today and satellite formed from this accretion.

Professor Othsuki Keiji and student Hyodo Ryuki from Kobe University revealed that F ring and its shepherded satellite formed small satellites. In other words, the system of the F ring and its shepherd satellites is a natural outcome of the formations process of Saturn ring system.

The F ring is very narrow with a width of only a few hundred km and has two shepherd satellites called Prometheus and Pandora which orbit inside and outside the ring.

Saturn which is the second largest planet in our solar system is also known for multiple satellites and ring. The new finding is expected to help the formation of satellite system both within and outside our solar system.