Satragachi Bridge To Remain Partially Shut for Maintenance


Kolkata: Satragachi Bridge to remain partially shut twice for maintenance purpose, said Howrah’s police commissioner D P Singh. The Satraganchi Bridge will remain partially closed from 17th January till 31st January and 1st March till 15th March. Many parts of the bridge is 15 years old and requires repair.

Repairing work will be also be done at Kona Expressway. Bridge authorities have taken the decision to keep the maintenance work in two parts because of the scheduled board exams. The bridge will remain closed completely at night. But from morning 5 till 11 at night few cars will be able to cross the Bridge. Ambulances and emergency services will be allowed to pass. Heavy vehicles will be returned back via Andul road or Nivedita Bridge.

                                                    Read in Bengali: মেরামতির জন্য দু’দফায় বন্ধ থাকছে সাঁতরাগাছি সেতু