Satoor Case: Police fails to submit case diary


Suri:In the Satoor incident where a native woman was pulled out of her house and taken to the woods by three police officers and was reported to have been slit and applied with irritation causing herb, the police administration has again been pointed finger at. The case diary of the incident has not even been submitted before the Court by the police citing justifications of carrying on the questioning session. As a result, the bail plea of the victim of the incident was rejected by the Court. The next hearing is on July 13.

The reason for not submitting the case diary has been put under the scanner by the different spheres of the intellectuals and the politicians of the society. Questions have been raised asking that why the victim is still being questioned after so many days. The incident has invited several criticisms. The oppositions have even said this to be an eyewash and an attempt to subside the gulities on the side of the rulling government.