Satisfying ‘Prince’ Won’t Be Beneficial: Mukul Roy


Bankura: November 2017 became the point of argument in the political scenario of Bengal. Public Meeting of BJP at Rani Rashmani Road indicated a open war before panchayat election. Mukul Roy’s interaction in Bankura was a direct insinuation to Abhishek Bandopadhyay without taking his name. Mukul Roy called him ‘Prince of Diamond Harbour’.

Mukul Roy highlighted few points of smugling of coal, sand and rock in his yesterday’s speech in Durlavpur near Bankura. To indicate the main brain behind all these he took a abrupt name ‘Ekjan Chakraboty’and a firm indication of underlying administration link with the police commissioner of Purulia.

There is straight allegation to Education Minister Partha Chattopadhyay saying ‘the quality of education has reduced rigorously and the environment in and around of a institution has no standerd due to bad party culture.”

Apart from him the state BJP president Dilip Ghosh and State Women Commission head Locket Chatterjee was also there with a vibrant presence.Dilip Ghosh talked about the emergence of BJP.Locket Chatterjee gave a warming speech to her follower that BJP will come in power in next two election. In a wrap up word she said “if we beat up the riling party then only police will take the complaint.”