‘Saraswati Puja’…Then and Now!


Kolkata: It is a common cliché that Saraswati Puja is Bangali’s Valentine’s Day. Throwing light into this thought, the generation today has redefined this particular ‘Sree-Panchami Tithi’ and given it a complete new flavour and fervour. It is a day which justifies the concept of ‘Love at first sight’. Every girl dressed in the ‘Basanti’- coloured saree seem to take away a heartbeat of the poor soul clad in the traditional kurta. The day has always been associated with the first ‘movie’ with the beloved or the first date with one’s girlfriend over generations.

Earlier there were instances of pujas held at schools and colleges. Well, some of the schools around the city, however, still keeps up with the tradition. The students of these schools wait for this day with eager hearts. It is a day to showcase their true passion for their first crush. When asked about it to some of the well established individuals of the present era, they relate about the flowers taking a different direction , at the time of ‘pushpanjali’, and ultimately landing on their beloved.

Lagnajita Ray, a student of literature is however very indifferent to the view. She feels, it’s a day to keep away the books and just mere celebrate the puja. Love as an emotion can be celebrated on any day. It does not have to be observed on a particular day.

Tapan Mandal, a retired bank manager can still recall his class seven days when he stayed back after school and decorated the room where the puja at his school was held. According to him, it was one of the most memorable days of his life and given a chance, he would always love to go back to that Saraswati puja.

Well, according to Aritrik Dutta Chowdhury, another student of the generation, Saraswati puja can definitely be a day of love provided the ‘rose’ makes way for ‘Palash’ and the jeans get replaced by sarees.

So it can be seen that the attitude towards the day has changed and it is different to different people. But the passion of the ‘tithi’ has not suffered an inch. The generation is marked with a paradigm shift no doubt, but the actuality is, Saraswati Puja is a day of renewed joy, revised happiness and perhaps a re-lived experience which is strong enough to make a place in the hearts of all sensitive individuals for good.

Written by: Spandan Banerjee