Saradha Scam: CBI Likely to Grill Madan Mitra’s Son

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Kolkata: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is going to interrogate Madan Mitra’s son Swarup Mitra during upcoming month. Madan Mitra is one of the prime suspects in Saradha scam. CBI has learned from investigation that under the shadow of Madan Mitra multi-crore siphoned off from Rose Valley also.

To find out the swindle of Rose Valley, CBI is now going to grill Mitra’s family. CBI has checked the bank account of the Swarup Mitra to find out the money. CBI officials also said that they may interrogate Swarup if necessary.

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CBI is also going to interrogate other influential TMC leaders in connection of this scam. They had already collected documents and written information about them, sources said.

On other hand, another scribe-turned-politician, just like Kunal Ghosh, Shankudeb Panda also will be questioned about his alleged involvement with certain shell firms those had made some shadowy financial dealings with Saradha Group. CBI officers have already received the findings of the ED’s probe about the role of Mr Panda in Saradha Group’s media section.