Sarada Scam: two more arrested


Kolkata: Today CBI arrested Manoranjona Singh and Santanu Ghosh in Sarada scam. CBI also interrogates Tapas Pal.CBI was arrested the former Minister Matang Singh’s ex-wife Manaranjana Singh on charges of fraud case in Sarada scam. Matang singh was also charged with criminal conspiracy, cheating and misappropriation of funds. Ms. Singh had been questioned by the CBI on several occasions and on Wednesday she was arrested. Shantanu Ghosh is also arrested on Wednesday. Before he was in custody of the Enforcement Ditrectorate for same charges.

CBI interrogates duo since morning. CBI said that she hides some important data in this interrogation. CBI also said that Manoranjana took 25 crore from Sarada head Sudipto Sen to buy a Bengali channel. Sudipto sen alleged that she did not submit any papers to him after buying this channel. CBI thinks that she embezzled the all money. Another accussed Santanu embezzled the money from Sudipto sen.


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