Sarada Scam: P Chidambaram’s Wife Under CBI Radar


New Delhi: CBI to file a chargesheet against Nalini Chidambaram, wife of ex Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the first week of next month for questioning her once again in connection to the saradha scam. The date of questioning hasn’t been decided yet by the CBI.

According to CBI, Mrs. Chidambaram got linked to the saradha scam last year itself. Sudipta sen had written an 18 page letter to the CBI and mentioned the names of many involved in the scam.

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Lawyer by profession, Nalini Chidambaram extorted money of large sums from Sudipta by falsing hopes of safeguarding him every month. She blackmailed him if he didn’t provide her the money. Sudipta Sen has told CBI, that he got in touch with Nalini through Matanga Singh. Nalini had been pressurizing Sudipta for investing Rs. 42 crores for a north eastern television channel.

Nalini was also the lawyer handling the saradha case. Sudipta has complained against Nalini that, she used to sign deals of Rupees One crore for providing judicial advices in many matters. Based on his accusations, wife of P Chidambaram was questioned last December.

If necessary she might be questioned further was told previously by CBI. Henceforth, due to the saradha scam investigation, the need has arised for Nalini to be further questioned.