Sara Singh Death: Family Blames Amanmani


Lucknow: The family members of Sara Singh have claimed that she was killed before a scene of road accident created by her husband Amanmani Tripathi. Their claim is based on the post-mortem report which suggests that Sara’s lungs and chest bones were damaged before she died.

“The post-mortem report indicates towards her death before the scene of accident was created by Amanmani. Three days before her death, Amanmani had beaten her in car in presence of her brother Siddharth. On Thursday, he insisted her to accompany him to Delhi. Now it appears that he had already hatched a conspiracy to kill her on the way”, said Seema Singh, mother of Sara. She also demanded CBI probe into the case.

Sara had died in Sirsaganj area of Firozabad on Thursday. Her husband had claimed that he took a sharp turn to save a motorcyclist and she died in the accident. However, Amanmani had got only minor bruises. “There were also many injury marks on her body which suggest that he had tortured her and killed before making it a case of accident”, she further said.

Amanmani, a criminal, was arrested soon after the accident in an old case of kidnapping.