Santragachi Stampede: Families Cry In Despair For Lost Ones


Murshidabad, East Midnapore: Two persons died as a result of stampede at the Santragachi railway station in its over-footbridge. Taser Sardar(60), one of the deceased, was a migrant worker. He was the resident of Harihar area in Murshidabad under Nasipur Sardar para village. He was returning from Kerala to his home.

Taser and his family got involved in debts over the operation of his son Samidul Sardar. To income money in order to repay the loans, Taser went to Kerala two months back for work. Tragedy stuck him when he was returning home.

On the other hand, the other deceased Kamlakanta Singh(35) was a resident of Rais village under Kolkaghat police station in East Midnapur district. He was a painting worker and used to work throughout Kolkata. He spoke to his wife Mita Singh on Tuesday evening itself.

While speaking to his wife, Kamlakanta said that he was returning by bus, and had planned to get down at Santragachi and board a train. He planned to reach Kolaghat by train. At 8pm, his daughter Paulami tried reaching out to him by phone but in vain. Later, a man called and said that Kamlakanta fell sick after falling off the Santragachi over-bridge and has been admitted to the hospital. After this, his family received the news of his death.

Kamlakanta, the only earning member of the family, used to get 400 rupees wage every day. With his death, the family is now worried on where will their daily expenses come from. However, his wife said that if the state government or the railways provided them a job, then only she could carry on with her family and her daughter’s education.