Sanjay Dutt to Walk Free on Feb 27


Mumbai: It’s official. Bollywood ‘s Munna bhai aka Sanjay Dutt is set to walk free on February 27, reported India Tday.

Minister for state (home) Ranjit Patil has signed the file allowing Dutt’s release, without penalising him for reporting late from his furlough in January 2015, sources in Patil’s office confirmed to dna.

Dutt was not found guilty of returning late to the prison. In fact, he was in constant touch with the authorities, waiting for a final order on his plea for extension of furlough by 15 days, claimed sources.

“The state has accepted that the fault was at its end and Dutt has been exonerated of all charges,” it added.

In October last year, finding administrative delays and lapses in awarding punishment to Dutt by Yerawada prison authorities for reporting late from his furlough in January 2015, a sessions court had asked the home department to take a final call on the matter.

In January 2015, Yerawada prison had announced extension of Dutt’s sentence by four days for reporting late from his furlough. Later, however, it was found that the lapse was on the part of jail authorities that delayed the decision on extension of his furlough.

Notably, the four-day extension on papers would actually had extended his stay by over three months, 116 days to be precise, as once punished, Dutt would not have received the remittance benefits considering his good conduct.

While Dutt’s furlough period ended on January 7, the order rejecting his extension plea was sent to him on January 9 midnight. “He wrote letters to the jail authorities and also to the police station concerned to enquire if an order has come on his plea. He also maintained in his letters that in case of rejection, he will surrender immediately,” a source confirmed.

Dutt was awarded a five-year sentence by the Supreme Court for illegal possession of weapons in a case linked to the 1993 serial blasts that killed 257 people in Mumbai.