Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines In Haryana’s Govt Colleges

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Lucknow: With a view to promote menstrual health of women and adolescent girls by ensuring availability of quality sanitary napkins, the Haryana Government has decided to install automated sanitary napkin vending machine and incinerators in all government colleges in the state.

“The vending machines were being installed to ensure an effective and convenient mode for any time access to the sanitary napkins. The purpose is to promote safe and hygienic sanitary practices among the women and girls,” an official release quoting a spokesman of the Higher Education Department, said in Chandigarh on Thursday.

The spokesman said it was observed that in view of social taboo associated with sanitary napkins, a majority of the girls or women feel embarrassed and hesitate to go to the commonly known, manned and often crowded conventional or medicine outlets for sanitary napkins resulting in unsafe practices and use of unhygienic materials during the menstrual period.

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“Disposal of used sanitary napkins has been a very common problem everywhere…girls do not like to carry their used sanitary napkins or pads to a bin in front of family and friends,” he added.