Sand Smuggling On Rise In Bankura

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Bankura: The villagers of Raipur’s Fakir village stopped a dumper which was
smuggling sand on Saturday night through the Kanshabati river. The Panchayat’s
deputy-chief Jaydeb Dule rushed to the spot after receiving the information.

The villagers alleged that sand is being smuggled daily with the help of the
police and the authorities. Presently, the authorities have ceased the excavation
of sand from the rivers. But taking help of officials from different departments,
the sand-mafias have confirmed a good position in Bankura.

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The police have not allegedly reached the spot. Jaydev Dule however have accepted
the accusations by the villagers. He said, “Despite several calls to Raipur police
station officials and officials of Land Reform deparment, their phones are found to
be off.” Dule also accused that maximum people of the authorities are involved in
the sand smuggling racket.

A villager Mahadev Dule said, “Sand was being smuggles in three vehicles. While two
escaped, but we were able to catch one. The police are now busy is catching bike
riders without helmets. But they are unaware when sand is being smuggled in front
of their eyes regularly.”

He also added, “The villagers are compelled to do the work which the police and the
authorities are supposed to do. This incident, in the present times, is

The detained dumper’s driver confessed to the crime of smuggling sand but rejected
accusations of police’s involvement.

Land Reform department’s official Indrajit Das reached the spot and said, “The
police have been informed. No one from the police have reached the spot. It is not
possible to detain the sand-filled dumber without the police.”

Das claimed that they are the most active in stopping sand smuggling in the
district. However he refused to accept allegations that major part of officials are
involved in aiding the smuggling.