Sand Artist Pattnaik Carves World’s Longest Reclining Buddha In Colombo


Colombo: Sudarsan Pattnaik, the internationally acclaimed Indian artist, has created a 40-foot long sand sculpture of reclining Buddha, the world’s longest, in Sri Lanka.

Pattnaik, who was invited by the High Commission of India to participate in the 14th International Vesak Day Celebrations organised by Government of Sri Lanka, created the statue near the Parliament on May 10, the Colombo Page reported.

The artist has invited the public to come and view his creation in the Diyawanna Vesak Zone. Diyawanna Vesak Zone will be open for public from May 10 till 14th at the Diyatha Park, near the Parliament complex.

The 40-year-old artist had recently won the jury prize gold medal at the 10th Moscow Sand Art Championship 2017.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest at the International Vesak Day celebrations in Colombo.