Sanatan’s Remark Gives New Twist In Purulia Child Abuse Case


Kolkata:  Sanatan Thakur the main accused of the issue of Purulia girl child abuse case gives a new twist on the case. Sanatan told after reaching in Asansol that he did not do such things. Sanatan has also blamed his son-in-law for doing such nasty things. Sanatan has claimed that abused girl’s mother is his wife.

পুত্রবধূর ঘাড়ে দোষ চাপিয়ে নতুন গল্প শিশু নির্যাতনে অভিযুক্ত সনাতনের

Purulia’s special police force brought Sanatan on Wednesday at Asansol by Shaktipunj Express. Journalists has shocked after hearing ‘I have no fault, I was betrayed, my son and son’s wife inserted a nipple in the body of the child’

Earlier, Sanatan Thakur the main accused of the issue of Purulia girl child abuse case,  who arrested From Pipigang in UP at Sunday night. Sanatan Thakur was arrested by the Bankura district and Uttar Pradesh police. Santan thakur hide in disguise in up.

Before that the wife of Sanatan Thakur and the mother of purulia’s abused infant Mongola Goswami was arrested by Purulia polioce. It’s a rare incident in state history that police arrested a mother in child abuse case. Police filed murder charges against her, said Purulia District super. She will be produce in court tomorrow. Police also told that they registered the case under POSCO Act.

Earlier, The three and a half year old girl from Purulia, who was recently operated for removal for 7 needles from her body, passed away on Friday morning. She reportedly died due to lung infection. The needle injuries had spread to her lungs causing severe infection and her untimely death. Surgeons at SSKM Hospital removed the needles in a successful attempt on Wednesday.

The needles were removed by a team of doctors who performed an over two-hour surgery on the child on Tuesday. The team included five surgeons and two anesthetists. The made a six-inch vertical opening on the three-and-a-half year old girl right from below her chest and removed the needles one by one. Three needles were found in her liver, two in the intestines, one in the ovary, and one in her vagina.

Doctors said that the child some of the needles had developed corrosion but thankfully, has not caused any deep wounds or infection in the child. They said that the surgery went well and the child has kept under observation in the paediatric intensive care unit for the next 72-hours.

Purulia’s three and half years old sexual victim has been brought to Kolkata SSKM hospital from Purulia sub division hospital on Saturday.

The health condition of the child is constantly getting worse, so a special team of doctors and nurses from Purulia sub-division hospital have shifted the child to SSKM hospital Kolkata , she was broght in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, police on Saturday has collected the picture of accused Sanatan Thakur. Which was first published by Kolkata24x7-web portal. The police assured that the accused will be arrested as soon as possible.

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