Samsung To Bring Back Flip Phones


New Delhi: Samsung is already making enough headlines for debuting its premium handsets, Galaxy S8 and S8+. Now it appears like the company plans on going back in time.

Several reports suggest that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone with two screens. The device called ‘Galaxy X’ will reportedly have a pair of OLED displays with a hinge in the middle allowing it to fold open 180 degrees. In fact, the company has also apparently placed orders for components and is planning to build between 2,000 and 3,000 units before July.

According to The Investor, the South-Korean tech giant is preparing to test a prototype of the dual-display foldable smartphone by the end of 2017. “Samsung seems to be testing the waters with dual-screen device to gather ideas about its upcoming foldable phone,” the report read.

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The latest report falls in line with Samsung’s decision to patent the foldable device technology sometime last year. As per the information provided in the published patent, the device could transform into a tablet by simply unfolding it. Described as something that can be “folded or unfolded semi-automatically,” if this technology will actually take form of reality, it will certainly spark a new trend in the market.

Furthermore, the patent described the device as being “flexible” and containing a “secondary” display, which is supposed to activate when the device is folded.

According to ET News, Samsung is set to begin widespread testing of prototypes later this year and the handset will go on sale next year.

Previously, Samsung was rumoured to be working with LG on a bendable smartphone in 2017. This device called the ‘Foldable Valley’ supposedly transform into a 7-inch tablet when unfolded and is expected to debut in August this year. In fact, Samsung also apparently showed off its ‘Foldable Valley’ device to select experts.

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