Same Syringe Used For Two Patients In Bolpur

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Bolpur: Chaos spread at a private nursing home in Bolpur’s Siyan after a same syringe was used for two patients without even changing the needle.

Though the nursing home has accepted the fault but did not take any step against the accused staff.

Kanika Dey came from Burdwan’s Vediyar on Tuesday evening to the nursing home for treatment. An apendicitis operation was performed on her. She was given an injection before being moved into the operation theatre. Her family members were there at that moment.

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The family members said that the syringe that was used to inject medicine into Kanika’s body was the same syringe used for another patient some time ago. The needle was also not changed. They immediately protested against this.

The family members started protesting and gave a written complaint to the Bolpur sub-divisional health officer. But the family said that despite the complaint, nothing was done.