Salt Lake’s Kali Puja Members Pledge To Donate Eyes Posthumously


Kolkata: Kali puja of Salt Lake Maitri Sangha and also the puja of the present Mayor of the Bidhannagar Municipality Sabyasachi Dutta, has stepped into its 31st year this year. The club members pledged to donate the contract papers to Salt Lake Susrut Eye Foundation posthumously.

Puri temple’s head Rajesh Daitapati inaugurated the Puja on Monday which saw the presence of actor Sayantika, mayor Sabyasachi Dutta and others. This year’s theme is ‘কৃষ্ণ কালো কালী কালো জ্বালাও আলো’. Hence the pandal has been decorated with bright lights.

Its theme song is – ‘Jay Jay Ma’. The club also provided a cheque worth Rs 1 lakh for the treatment of those who are sick. The cheque was handed over to the administration of the Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre.

In case of the death of a person who has pledged to donate his/her eyes, it has to be informed to the Susrut within 6 hours of his death. The doctors will come within 6 hours of their death and only collect the cornea and will replace it in someone else’s eyes.