Salt Lake Roads Cave In Near Underpass Sites


Kolkata: Two road cave-ins were reported from Salt Lake on Saturday. Both the caveins were reported from areas located close to the two underpass projects taken up by the CMDA. Water seepage has been blamed for the subsidence in Salt Lake around 12.30pm on Saturday.

A 4ft by 4 ft portion of the Broadway Road in Salt Lake’s Amul Island adjacent to the Salt Lake stadium caved in around 11am on Saturday, disrupting traffic for more than an hour. A major accident was averted when the rear wheels of one of the cars almost fell in to the caved road. Luckily, the driver applied the brakes in time as the car was moving very slowly.

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Traffic was disrupted at the crossing for about an hour and a half as the cops with the help of civic officials fenced the area. Officials of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation said the soil underneath the road had probably got weakened due to the underpass work.

Bidhannagar Traffic cops said the cave-in was linked to the underpass work. “The work of shifting some optic fibre lines were on underneath, which probably had weakened the soil,” said a traffic police officer.

CMDA officials said that the road was immediately repaired and restored. The other cave-in was reported from the Hyatt crossing on EM Bypass almost at the same time. Traffic cops said that the cave-in occurred while construction work for another underpass was on.