Salt Lake Bylanes To Get Makeover


Kolkata: The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation has decided to concretise bylanes of Salt Lake blocks to give residents long-term relief from bumpy ride on broken roads.

After the concrete overhaul, any agency that digs up the roads will have to concretise the dug-up portions. Else, they would fined. The bylane moving into FD Block beside the Poura Bhavan building is likely to be one of the first stretch to get concretised.

The authorities spent about Rs 1.2 crore for patchwork of roads in all the blocks of Salt Lake in the last financial year.The civic authorities has allocated Rs 20 crore this year for concretisation. “Concretisation will ensure longevity of roads in the blocks.

Elsewhere, the big roads will have a black top with a three-year warranty and the contractors would be responsible for maintenance,” said Salt Lake mayor Sabyasachi Dutta.
Besides, it has also been decided that any agency that digs up a certain stretch would have to repair the dug-up area by concretising it.